Repair Charging Connector Damaged/Missing - at Satnav Repairs
Colin Hussey
Very fast service, perfect repair. Cannot fault this company

Repair Charging Connector Damaged/Missing - at Satnav Repairs
The operation to repair the sat nav was smooth ,fast and efficient. The problem we were told was one of soft ware which was up-dated. So far on limited use the device has either worked 100% perfectly or has taken to giving wrong directions at a crucial point in a journey resulting in extra time and mileage. Only more use of the device will tell us if it resolves its problems.

Repair Charging Connector Damaged/Missing - at Satnav Repairs
Patricia Bell
Excellent service - very happy!

Repair Charging Connector Damaged/Missing - at Satnav Repairs
Repair to Garmin nuvi 1490 - as if nothing had gone wrong in thr first place!!. All routes, maps and preferences still there. Well pleased with repair and done in good time. Email communication near end a little thin and short so wasn't in when first delivery made but soon sorted with post office. Thanks for work done - Mike

Repair Charging Connector Damaged/Missing - at Satnav Repairs
Andy Harrington
I was slightly concerned about sending my Sat Nav in the post for repairs however I was delighted with the service I particular the updates by email & text. The repair was completed very quickly and returned to me without delay. I would have no hesitation is recommending your company. Thanks. Andy Harrington Bolton.

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Repair Charging Connector Damaged/Missing


If your charging connector is damaged, missing or if a pin inside the charging connector looks damaged send the unit to our repair service. The repair will include replacing the broken part with a brand new genuine one.

What can cause the problem?

Wrong use of the charger.
Plug other charger.
Using an non genuine charger.

What we can do?

We will inspect and repair the .
Additional devices need to be installed with SWS adaptors by technicians.
We will replace the broken parts only with brand new genuine ones, other wise indicated graded parts.

How much it would take?

While you wait services for: Charging connector replacement and other faults.
The repairs will take up to 24 Hours if will be longer then that you will be notified by email.

Other faults

Battery Not Holding Charge
Cracked LCD
Not Charging
Error connecting
Software Problem
Charging Connector Damaged/Missing
x error on start up
Device only shows a flashing cross when turned on

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