TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
Sophie Brown
excellent quick service, easily contacted, quick responses via emails, good service provided with repair, reasonable prices. thank you

TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
Philip Goodway (Mr)
Hello, I would like to thank you for a quick turn around. I will keep you in mind if I need to have a repair in the future. On my journey to Spain which I visit often I will test the Sat Nav. I will then give you my opinion

TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
Steve Green
Great service. Amazing turnaround of the repair. Had some slight issues after getting my garmin back but was fortunate to be in London soon after, called in all issued resolved at no extra cost. Would use you again and have recommended your service to friends

TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
Ian Rignall
zumo returned in full working order,thanks for quick + quality service

TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
Tom Orr
Excellent service. Prompt response to the problem and quick repair. Vet please.d with the result

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TomTom Repair, Repairs for TomTom, sat nav repairs

We can fix the following faults for TomTom :

Faulty or Damaged Screen / Touchscreen Repair for TomTom , Not Charging Repair for TomTom , Battery Not Holding Charge Repair for TomTom , Charging Connector Damaged/Missing Repair for TomTom , Wrong Charger Used Repair for TomTom , Software Problem Repair for TomTom ,

Particularly for certain models we can repair other faults that are not displayed here so please see page for your model or use the free quote button.

About TomTom sat nav

TomTom beats the drums for high-tech navigation gear. The company offers a variety of electronic navigation products that operate using global positioning system (GPS) data. Its lineup includes the TomTom GO series of portable and automotive navigation devices, some of which are designed with built-in wireless calling capability. TomTom's software packages enable navigation functions in wireless PDAs and telephones.
Products include Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs), line fitted in-dash navigation solutions and software for use on PDAs and smartphones. In 2008, TomTom navigation products are sold in over 30 countries (and over 20 languages). TomTom has offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

TomTom XL IQ Routes Repair
XL IQ Routes Cracked LCD
Repair TomTom XL IQ Routes
Repair price:
49.99 GBP
Description Due the fragile design of the LCD, a sharp knock or fall can easily damage the screen causing black ink spots, making it impossible to see the full image on screen. Although useabl
Garmin Oregon 550t Repair
Oregon 550t Faulty or Damaged Screen / Touchscreen
Repair TomTom Oregon 550t
Repair price:
89.99 GBP
Description A touchscreen is a display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. Refers to touch or contact to the display of the satnav by a finger or hand. I
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