TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
Derek Andrews
Thankyou for a good repair service ,all round service good, quick and at a reasonable price, thankyou once again, will pass on to friends, Regards Mr. D Andrews

TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
Rowan Broadbent
Great service, happy with the repairs, atook a bit longer than expected but will use again if ever needed and recommended the service to friends.

TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
Alistair Walker
Excellent service and good communications. Performed the repair exactly as specified with no nasty surprises in the bill. Delivery and return of the sat-nav was well-organised and within the estimated timescales. A good company to deal with.

TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
John Kavaliero
My friend John is so far reported no problems. I used the devise in his car and I could find nothing wrong with the SatNav. The sound that was previously not functioning was activating as usual on every given roundabout and junction so AOK! Regards, Peter

TomTom Repair. Cheap satnav repairs for TomTom , TomTom sat nav repairs
Shehzad Munshi
I was quite stressed out when my Tom Tom broke as I had no clue as to who could repair it or even if it could be repaired... I did a little reseach on the internet and came upon Satnavrepair. I am pleased with the service that I have recieved from satnavrepair. I had a problem with my TomTom Go 520, the charger connector was broken. I am tremondously happy with how quickly they repaired and delivered my Sat nav as it only took 3 days. If I have any other problem with my Sat nav I now know wjo to contact :)

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TomTom Repair, Repairs for TomTom, sat nav repairs

We can fix the following faults for TomTom :

Faulty or Damaged Screen / Touchscreen Repair for TomTom , Not Charging Repair for TomTom , Battery Not Holding Charge Repair for TomTom , Charging Connector Damaged/Missing Repair for TomTom , Wrong Charger Used Repair for TomTom , Software Problem Repair for TomTom ,

Particularly for certain models we can repair other faults that are not displayed here so please see page for your model or use the free quote button.

About TomTom sat nav

TomTom beats the drums for high-tech navigation gear. The company offers a variety of electronic navigation products that operate using global positioning system (GPS) data. Its lineup includes the TomTom GO series of portable and automotive navigation devices, some of which are designed with built-in wireless calling capability. TomTom's software packages enable navigation functions in wireless PDAs and telephones.
Products include Portable Navigation Devices (PNDs), line fitted in-dash navigation solutions and software for use on PDAs and smartphones. In 2008, TomTom navigation products are sold in over 30 countries (and over 20 languages). TomTom has offices in Europe, North America, Asia and Australia.

TomTom GO 720 Repair
GO 720 Faulty or Damaged Screen / Touchscreen
Repair TomTom GO 720
Repair price:
29.99 GBP
Description A touchscreen is a display that can detect the presence and location of a touch within the display area. Refers to touch or contact to the display of the satnav by a finger or hand. I
TomTom GO 9000 Repair
GO 9000 Glass Replacement
Repair TomTom GO 9000
Repair price:
29.99 GBP
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