Repair for Garmin zumo® 550, Garmin zumo® 550 repairs
Kontrax Management Ltd
Very helpfull with delivery as promised

Repair for Garmin zumo® 550, Garmin zumo® 550 repairs
Andreas Monoyos
Very good and fast service @@@@!!!!! :-)

Repair for Garmin zumo® 550, Garmin zumo® 550 repairs
Derek Bradley
Quick and friendly.

Repair for Garmin zumo® 550, Garmin zumo® 550 repairs
martin jones
Repair to my Satnav appears to work well.The price of the repair was exactly as quoted and the completed within time given. The company was a good communicator and let me know each stage of the repair from receipt through repair and despatch

Repair for Garmin zumo® 550, Garmin zumo® 550 repairs
Ed Tavender
Very good service, the device is working fine. The price was good and the return delivery very efficient. Would hesitate to use you again.

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Garmin zumo® 550 Repair, Repairs for Garmin zumo® 550, Garmin repairs

Most common faults:
Faulty or Damaged Screen (20%)
Software Problem (18%)
No Map Found (12%)
Green Light But No Power (10%)
Product Not Activated (8%)
Red Cross On Screen Software Issue (8%)
Charging Connector problem (5%)
Touch screen Problem (4%)

We can fix the following problems:
Garmin zumo® 550
Faulty or Damaged Screen / Touchscreen Repair

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Garmin zumo® 550
No Power Repair

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Garmin zumo® 550
Not Charging Repair

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Garmin zumo® 550
Battery Not Holding Charge Repair

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Garmin zumo® 550
Charging Connector Damaged/Missing Repair

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Garmin zumo® 550
Software Problem Repair

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Garmin zumo® 550
Liquid Damage Repair

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Garmin zumo® 550
Inspection Only Repair

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Garmin zumo® 550 repairs
Is your Garmin zumo® 550 broken?
Don't worry, most of Garmin zumo® 550 satnav can be repaired at low costs.
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About zumo® 550 :

Solve Your "Garmin zumo 550 " Problem Now!
Our Garmin experts can solve your problem
Technical support for all Garmins
Garmin zumo 550 troubleshooting,problems,repairs solutions and upgrades available on site.
Fast turnaround,parts in stock , service guarantee.
Garmin mail in repair service available for London,UK and Europe

Testimonials About Garmin zumo® 550 repairs:

Clare Snow
Superb service, returned within 48 Hours and a super job! Many thanks

Thanks for thr quick turnround.When i received the device back it was well packaged so as no to cause damage in transit.Ithought the device was still faulty as it would not load up the maps and switched off.It seems after a charge the batteery was low.Not yet used the satnav in anger yet.

Fred Philpot
Once I had found your prompt reply in my trash inbox, I despatched my 550 Zumo, got a very prompt reply as to its status and your intentions. When done you requested money and being a user of Paypal I was glad to make immediate payment. Followed by a very helpful call from your shipping department ( I had been unable to put in the full address for the return assuming that you would get the full address from the postcode) which allowed me to specify my work address to receive the unit the following day. Worth the money, very prompt service, unit has been used a few times over the last few weeks, which I hope will continue to do so. The screen seems different, I was not told it was a Garmin component or a pattern replacement. I have not come across your guarantee of workmanship or parts, perhaps you could advise this. All in all, super service, I have a unit that now displays as it should. Thanks.

Mr Gerald Marshall
Gerry Marshall Your repair of my Zumo 550 was first class and the time scale in which it was carried out was astounding, sent Wednesday night and returned Friday at lunchtime with e-mails sent to inform me of all stages of the repair. I will have no problem recommending your company to any of my friends if they require their GPS's being repaired.

Dan Iordanescu
A warm thank you to the SatNav Repairs team. They have brought back to life a completely dead, 4 year old Garmin Zumo 550 device. Garmin Romania was of no help and so was Garmin USA. I tried to send it back to Garmin USA to have it refurbished, but they can receive units out of Romania because of customs duties (so I've been told by Garmin USA). I found SatNav Repairs on Google, they quoted me onlne, I've sent them the unit, it got fixed, sent back and paid when delivered. The Zumo is working again. Thank you SatNav Repairs, you've handled it great. Dan

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